Full Canyon Trip with abseil - 4-5 hrs - R800 pp
- Group discounts for 3+
- Group max. 8. Contact us for bigger group bookings
- Minimum age 6 

Our route features a 30m abseil/rappell, many optional cliff jumping opportunities between 1m and 13m, forest hiking and river swimming.

The price includes:


River boots, wetsuit, helmet, harness

(Life vests are available on request);

Water (bring your own bottle) and a small snack (containing nuts, gluten, lactose and banana);

You will need to bring:

A towel and dry clothes for afterward;

water bottle;

shoes for hiking to and from the river.

Duration: 4-5 hrs. 

Recommended start time 09.30,  Monday to Saturday. 

Alternative starting times can be requested. Trips go ahead in all weather conditions! Our canyon route is safe in the rain.

Long description of the trip:

Our route is circular and includes a 30min hike in each direction to the river. Much of the hike is through indigenous South African forest and is enjoyable in itself. Participants hike in their own shoes and the gear is carried in backpacks. We don't hike in the wetsuits for reasons of hygiene and comfort, so please be prepared to hike both ways in your own clothes. There are toilets and changing facilities at our meeting point and thereafter the forest is available. Once at the river, we gear up and start with the 30m high abseil into the river. Abseiling involves lowering yourself down a rope. There are multiple safety back ups in place. Alternatively, you can choose to be lowered down by your guide. A rope lower is more relaxed and allows you to appreciate the view more. Choosing to abseil allows you to learn a new skill and is challenging. Once the group is safely down, the river exploration and jumping opportunities commence. The cliff jumping is presented as a skill to be learned. Your guide will explain and demonstrate good technique to avoid getting hurt. The jumps progress from 1m to 13m, but they are all optional. You will get the chance to practice and build your confidence as necessary, getting feedback and advice from your guide.  

After the Canyoning, the hike back is required. We stop to get changed out of the wetsuits and then tackle the hill at a slow but steady pace.

Our base location and meeting point for trips:

we are located on Aloe Avenue, a private road just off of Remskoen Road (the Map of Africa Rd)