Suicide Gorge, Cape Town

This famous route is located in the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve, between Grabouw and Villiersdorp, and is about 1 hour's drive from Cape Town. It's a full day mountain adventure, featuring hiking and canyoning down a creek with many compulsory cliff jumps. Canyon Adventures is an approved supplier of guided trips on this route. We provide expert instruction in safe cliff jumping technique, as well as full length wetsuits and helmets. Clients should come prepared to complete all of the compulsory cliff jumps, which go up to 14m in height! 


The fitness requirement is intermediate. The route is almost 17km in length, including about 1.5 km in the river. This may not sound like much, but due to the terrain that 1.5 km is quite taxing and takes about 2 hrs to complete! 

While we feel that the name 'Suicide Gorge' is a misnomer - the route is tough, but not lethal ! - there is still a risk of injury with this kind of undertaking. Any previous injuries to the back, hips, knees and ankles could be exacerbated, so make sure you are prepared for high impact and ready to follow instructions for good technique. Take a look at our pictures: