Rock Climbing

We offer beginners' rock climbing sessions for kids and adults, Introduction to Rock Climbing courses and also birthday parties. The sessions take place on private property near George, to which we have exclusive access. The type of climbing that we offer is called bottom rope climbing. That is when the rope is pre-installed to run through safety anchors above the climber. Both the climber and belayer (rope controller) are positioned on the ground. The rope runs from the belayer up to the top of the climbing route, then down to the climber. As the climber climbs up, the rope is kept taut by the belayer - using a belay device. The belay device locks onto the rope in case of a slip and the climber can also thereby be lowered down safely when they're finished climbing.  


Climbing sessions are available on demand and are ideal for afternoons or Saturdays; 

Groups of 1 - 8 are permitted;

Session times are 2-4 hours;

Prices depend on the group size and session length.

Contact us for a quote or more information!